Global Distributed Digital Currency Based on Blockchain Technology

WTCOIN : A Chance

WTCOIN's goal is to bring cryptocurrencies closer to real-world use and acquisition and will launch a new Emarket Place that breaks boundaries, allowing users to use WTCOIN currency exchange or purchase merchandise. WTCOIN will be the best scalable cryptocurrency.


Creative team


Expected plan


The origin of business can be traced back to prehistoric times. In the early days it was commodity goods. It was called barter system, but the invention of money changed the way of global business. Since then it has been evolving. The introduction of the Internet has added a very important new dimension to traditional businesses. E-commerce has changed the face of enterprises, whether it is local or global B2B or B2C. Before the development of e-commerce, the success of the transaction depends on the strategic location of the business. Now, it is a global market, even small retailers from small towns or villages, if not global, can provide services nationwide with the help of e-commerce.


The current e-commerce industry is globally dominant in some key companies such as Amazon, Alibaba and eBay. In addition to these giants, there are many small and medium-sized businesses operating their e-commerce sites within their own geographical area. These people, their presence, have catered to customers in the best possible way; however, e-commerce is well-known in many risks. E-commerce companies often spend the same amount of time and resources on risk management issues as they are serving customers. In addition to traditional risks, e-commerce also involves transaction and data risks. Criminals are always looking for ways to evade e-commerce data protection mechanisms and steal stored information. In addition, the possibility of fraud in e-commerce transactions is high because electronic merchants cannot verify the legitimacy of the card or cardholder or transaction because all this information is in the hands of a third party.

In addition, due to frictions associated with credit cards, wire transfers, and banking systems, payment methods provided using domestic currency have expense rates and limited inflows. The payment problem has even made global trading annoying. Once again, a great revolution has taken place. This revolution has the potential to change the cryptocurrency e-commerce process.



Technical Parameters:

Currency name WTCOIN
abbreviation WTC
Currency POW
synchronised time 60 second
algorithm Scrypt
Total amount 100000000
publish time 2018-05
Block level 8MB


Cryptocurrencies have real world value. They can be used to make daily purchases, pay bills, shop on e-commerce platforms, and even buy a home. They also eliminate the middlemen, the technology behind cryptocurrencies,

Blockchains allow point-to-point transfers of funds through secure and authenticated transactions. In addition, the average return on cryptocurrencies will certainly exceed any traditional investment choices, such as mutual funds.

Many countries began to realize the importance of this section and its increasing acceptance among the masses. Some countries even started to legitimize them. We believe that more countries will follow the same path.

In this context, WTCOIN aims to make safe, stable, and rapid cryptocurrencies more relevant to real-world use and adoption. As a masternode coin WTCOIN does have a competitive advantage in creating additional stable income for masternode operators, it also provides a sense of ownership because masternode operators have voting rights and can participate in decisions.


Blockchain service provider

WTCOIN serves as a one-stop blockchain service that includes creating coins, creating new blockchains, website design and coding, wallets, explorers, marketing, etc. The payment mode of these services will be WTCOIN, which will generate coins The demand is in a way.

WTCOIN electronic market

WTCOIN is developing an encryption-based cross-border electronic trading market that allows customers to use cryptocurrencies as payment methods to purchase and sell goods. The main advantage of e-commerce over traditional businesses is the simplification of point-of-sale systems. Usually the constraint of digital currency transfer is e-commerce industry leading password currency

Therefore, our electronic market will adopt a unique business model, which makes wholesale transactions easier and the cryptocurrency as a payment model also provides a tightly secure, secure and simple trading mechanism for those trading mechanisms that we want to do globally. Business within range.




Chaitanya, senior banker, has been studying Bitcoin since 2012 and believes that the potential of blockchain technology not only brings revolutionary changes to the financial industry, but also includes many of the old systems we are still using today. As a passionate designer, he has many certifications in the field of web design. His expertise in visual design, Adobe Photoshop and other design tools can bring a competitive advantage to any team he associates with.

AVINASH Technical leader

Avinash is a software architect with extensive coding and design experience and is a full JavaScript developer. He is a continuous learner and continues to hone his engineering and technical architecture skills. He is passionate about blockchain technology and explores new areas for blockchain adoption

VINODH Developer

Vinodh is a skilled back-end programmer who specializes in C, C++, and Java. He is also a cutting-edge blockchain developer with extensive experience on various blockchain platforms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and hyperledger.